Modesto From Mt. Oso
Stanislaus Amateur Radio Association
Modesto, California

SARA is a volunteer club dedicated to furthering the advancements of Amateur Radio. Our purpose is the recognition and enhancement of the value of the Amateur Radio service to the public, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications. SARA is incorporated in the State of California incorporating in 1976.

SARA provides a public service to our communities by providing trained amateur radio operators for communications on several walk-a-thons, bicycle races and when needed, emergency communications in association with the Stanislaus Amateur Radio Emergency service.  SARA is officially affiliated with the American Radio Relay League ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League), Stanislaus County and the City of Modesto in California ( U.S.A ), ARES and the Northern Amateur Relay Council of California NARCC (North American Repeater Coordinating Council).  SARA holds an FCC club station license, WD6EJF, which identifies the repeaters and digipeater. You need not be a licensed amateur to be a SARA club member.

For additional information contact SARA club president Jim (Wally) Walsh KK6CPN

Repeater Update

During periods of high fire danger, PG&E may turn off the electricty on Mt. Oso, Our repeaters do have battery backup, and should remain operational despite the power being off. If the outage exceeds the capacity of the backup batteries, each repeater is on it's own bank of batteries so the less used repeaters may still have battery power available after 145.390 shuts down.

Upcoming events

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