S.A.R.A. Mt. Oso Repeater System

Located on Mt. Oso at an elevation of 3400 ft. with reliable coverage from Fresno to Woodland. All repeaters require 136.5 Hz PL tone for access.

All Mt. Oso repeaters can be linked to each other in any combination by authorized control operators.

440.225 repeater runs 1/2 watt very low power due to Pave Paws interference complaints. If you can hear it, you should be able to use it even if it sounds very weak.

S.A.R.A. Low Level Repeater

Located at a low level site in Modesto on 145.110 Mhz Negative offset PL 136.5 Hz

S.A.R.A. Packet Nodes

Located on Mt. Oso, It's identifier is "SARA" 144.910 Mhz 1200 Baud, 145.750 Mhz 9600 Baud
S.A.R.A. Repeater Sites
Map of repeaters